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8th Essex Priorities

My name is Terri Tauro and I am bold, principled, qualified, and dedicated to serving the people of Essex District 8. I understand that it is the duty of policymakers to respond with urgency and deliver policies that will have a real impact on people’s lives. I am the Candidate for the People. Vote for me on September 6th to bring substance to Representation.

We deserve a Representative who will be the voice of constituents beyond campaign trail promises. Beyond platitudes of “what I will do once elected”. We deserve a Representative who already has a comprehensive resume of advocating for her community. My resume includes creating, promoting, and advocating for policies that center equity, dignity, access and sustainability in all areas of community life. I affirm the necessity in creating opportunities for engagement, education, and representation. I will bring that same laser focused tenacity to the State House to ensure Essex County District 8 has meaningful and effective representation -  for Swampscott, for Lynn and for Marblehead. 

Dignity, Equity, Humanity

Endorsed by every Union and civic minded organization which centers equity, dignity and the People in the workplace as well as in their communities - setting the stage for humanity to be at the core of every decision for generations to come.


  • Seeks to leave the world a more accessible, equitable, humane place for generations to come. It starts with us in District 8.

  • Has been and will continue to be the voice of the People to address injustices and inequities

  • Create and advance policy that creates living wage jobs, supports infrastructure and invests in career development

  • Support City and Town initiatives that increase opportunities and empower youth,  seniors, veterans, municipal employees and lower-income residents to feel valued and supported regardless of their identity, ability or circumstance


I affirm that as a representative democracy, our communities, our small businesses and our governing bodies are  stronger when there is a framework that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Communities thrive when the People feel safe, valued and involved in the decision making. I commit to fostering an environment that actively invites the perspective, contribution, and participation of all people (especially from those who are historically underrepresented).

Transparency in Government

Endorsed by Incorruptible Mass, and Pledged the “Voters Right To Know” - I am incapable of being anything less than 100% transparent. I am wired for truth telling and certainly have proven that bowing down to special interests or the powers in place is not in my wheelhouse. 


  • Publicized the Investigation into the Marblehead Board of Health missing millions and inhumane working conditions for employees

  • Demanded action to support an Employee exposed to Asbestos

  • Collected signatures on the 2022 Government Transparency Ballot Initiative

  • Co-Sponsored a Marblehead citizen sponsored Town Warrant article that required local government transparency, equity and accountability through Standard Operating Procedures

  • Stand Up at every Town Meeting for my Union members


We the people have the right to know how our elected officials are voting, prioritizing as well as to easily access a comprehensive accounting of funding/expenditures.  I have been advocating for transparency and accountability in my own town for many years and have signed the “Voters Right to Know” pledge. Only through transparency can the citizens have meaningful engagement in our democracy. Only by standing strong will the People’s voices and the community needs be realized through policy. Put me in the State House and I will fight for YOU.


Endorsed by the AFT Massachusetts because I intend to create opportunities for students of all backgrounds to access high-quality and enriching learning experiences, pre-K to trade school or college; and to create safe and supportive work environments for our teachers. 

Endorsed by Ironworkers Local 7, Massachusetts Building Trades Union, IBEW Local 2321, Carpenters Local 339 and IUE CWA. Students should be connected to a variety of options and every community benefits from skilled tradespeople.

  • Fully Funded Teachers and Schools

  • Fair Share Amendment

  • Student Opportunity Act

  • Universal Pre Kindergarten

  • Affordable Public College

  • Acknowledging the value in students exploring the variety of pathways to success - instead of adhering to the rigidity of equating college to success

Funding a robust education system should not be a debate. It should be a requirement that we invest in our students, our teachers and the infrastructure necessary to educate. Every teacher should have the resources necessary to support the curriculum and student needs without having to self-fund classrooms. I have and will continue to commit to fully funding our schools. This includes the passage of the Fair Share Amendment, expedited allocation of the Student Opportunity Act funds, Universal Pre Kindergarten and affordable public college. Every child should have access to higher education, without the burden of absorbing overwhelming debt, while also being provided the viable, more affordable option of Trade School. There is no one-size-fits-all for our students and many do not have the option or interest in chasing college degrees. We need to acknowledge and embrace the value of having a community full of skilled workers, tradespeople and college graduates. Furthermore, I will explore ways to connect students to the civil service - we need to mentor young people who have a vision different from our own, who are vested in the community and we must be the platform for their bright, successful future.

Sustainability and Environment

Endorsed by Sunshine Salem and Incorruptible Mass because of my commitment and proven ability to center climate change in policy making, without sacrificing the health and well being of the People and their jobs. 


  • Investing in Clean Energy Infrastructure

  • Committed to Renewable Energy

  • Prioritizing Research and Development 

  • Contributing to collective responsibility through city and town sustainability initiatives


I am committed to renewable energy with a just transition for workers - a “just transition” reflects a training program that transitions fossil fuel usage roles and responsibilities to renewable energy ones. We cannot move to renewable energy at the expense of our working families.  Investing in renewable energy also has the potential to create jobs in the 8th Essex District. For example, New Bedford’s Offshore Wind Project generated 500 good paying jobs with healthcare and benefits. Essex 8th will contribute to our collective responsibility of meeting environmental challenges by prioritizing clean energy infrastructure, carbon emissions, expansion of solar energy and investments in conservation, research and development. Flooding and rising sea levels are a real threat and demand attention. Let’s get to work in our own communities - now. This is not a campaign trail promise - I have already implemented efforts to protect our harbors in Marblehead. Get me to the State House and we will make an even bigger impact - together. 

Healthcare and Abortion Access

Endorsed Massachusetts Nurses Association and SEIU199 who see my resume and believe that I am the powerful and effective voice for nursing and health care.

  • Healthcare is a human right

  • Abortion is health care

  • Committed to advancing policies that codify access and affordability while supporting the needs of nurses

  • Acknowledge the existence of and commit to addressing the health disparities

Access to healthcare is a human right. We need a healthcare system that protects everyone. I will continue to work to identify ways to end costly out of pocket medical expenses..  No one should have to choose between food, and prescription medication. No one should be denied  treatment or access to recovery programs due to inadequate healthcare coverage. Our Seniors, Veterans and low income families are our most vulnerable. Our small business owners struggle to support the cost of offering health care. All of these individual sacrifices and struggles impact our community as a whole. It is not sustainable. I have owned my own small business, made choices of which bill to pay and gone without to support my children and my 85 year old mother. I hear you. I am committed to advancing policies that will bring relief to our communities and support to our health care workers. 


  • The Supreme Court has removed our right to a safe abortions - I fully commit to fighting for the right of women’s bodily autonomy. The laws and rights put in place to control women serve only to sustain inequity and endanger lives. We need legislators who will defend women's rights. Who better to fight inequity and injustice than a leader who has a proven track record of grit, tenacity and solution oriented outcomes?

Let's Work Together

My name is Terri Tauro and I ask for your vote on September 6th. I Intend to fully represent your priorities, your dreams and your voice . The People in Lynn, Marblehead and Swampscott have varied and unique needs. To be a successful Representative, I need to have authentic dialogue with my community members. We are a Team. It starts with listening: My cell is  781.771.3327.

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