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Democratic candidate for State Representative

Terri Tauro is one of us. Born as Theresa Colbert, she is the third generation of her family to call Marblehead home.  Her children’s grandfather grew up in Lynn and Swampscott, so likewise has strong ties to the entire 8th Essex District. Terri’s mother Solange arrived in the United States in 1957 adding to the rich immigrant history of the area. 





A hard-working single mother of two, Terri attended Marblehead public schools, where she was on the first female youth soccer team in town. Her younger daughter is a proud 2022 graduate of Marblehead High, while her older daughter is a rising senior at Hofstra University in New York. Having at times worked three jobs simultaneously to accord her children opportunities, Terri has garnered years of experience in many fields. She has a vested interest in her lifelong home and has worked unremittingly for her neighbors. She is a PowerUP leader, a North Shore working family ambassador, and a board member of the Marblehead Democratic Town Committee. Listen to Terri about her Coalition Building skills.


In her role as the Department Administrator to the Marblehead Harbormaster over the past 11 years, Terri has streamlined  processes and worked hard to expedite the harbor waiting list and ensure the safety of the community. She has an inquiring mind and has developed experience and perspective on green boating, shrink wrap recycling, and been researching the installation of municipal solar docks. Terri talks about sustainability here.

As President of the Marblehead Municipal Employees Union IUE-CWA local 81776 for many years, Terri has advocated for the rights of workers and looked out for the interests of working families. She has consistently championed crucial issues on behalf of the people she represents, keeping vital concerns such as pay equity and workplace diversity at the forefront. Terri has successfully negotiated for contracts supportive of town employees. In the absence of a Human Resources Director in the municipality, Terri has made it her responsibility as MMEU President to monitor reports, remedy potentially unhealthy work environments, and respond to all inquiries from both union and non-union employees. Government transparency and accountability are a priority.

Because she understands how our neighboring communities are interconnected, Terri joined the executive board for the North Shore Labor Council (NSLC) to expand her impact. It is in this role, that her full skill set is channeled to support working families in the 8th Essex District and across the North Shore. Through this work, Terri has been involved in the state legislative process and an integral part of building broad coalitions. Terri Tauro has been, and will continue to be, committed to representing the 8th District. 

Terri’s proven problem solving skills and uncanny ability to lift her voice in the face of injustice make her a worthy advocate. She is fearless and has been pivotal in holding our leaders accountable for both the spending of tax dollars and the health and safety of employees and residents. Recently, Terri organized a donation drive for art, music, and sports equipment on behalf of three North Shore school districts. She worked tirelessly and successfully partnered with PowerUp, the YMCA of the North Shore,  NSLC, American Federation of Teachers and local businesses to make a difference in the lives of children and to amplify community values such as generosity and kindness. As a result of her commitment, collaborative experience, and leadership strength, teachers will have some of the supplies they might not otherwise have access to. Listen to Terri's perspective on Education and Trade Schools.

In many challenging environments, Terri speaks up for others. As your State Representative, she will never stop working for what is right and what is needed right now.


Terri organized a donation drive for art, music and sporting equipment for 3 school districts!

Terri advocating for working families

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