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"Terri doesn’t just understand the challenges facing families across the North Shore – Terri Tauro takes action to improve her community and her workplace and we know she will bring that leadership to the State House as our next Representative from the 8thEssex House District.” 

Steven A. Tolman, President, MA AFL-CIO

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"As the president of her union, Terri knows what it takes to listen to every person and build power continually, year after year, to achieve big wins for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. She also knows what it’s like to face enormous pressure from an entrenched opposition, just like she will confront in the statehouse; then, as now, Terri will have a movement at her back to flip the balance of power away from special interests and towards our communities and people left out of the political process. From housing and the cost of rent to investing in our schools and expanding healthcare access, Terri will be a fierce advocate for Lynn, Swampscott, and Marblehead."  

-Incorruptible Mass

"The Board of Directors is incredibly impressed with your values, career experience, policy knowledge, and clear depth of connection with your constituents. We are excited to endorse such a star in Massachusetts politics. Representation in government matters, and we are proud to back such a strong, competent leader who cares deeply about their community." 

-Samantha Bone & Nairoby Sánchez MWPC PAC Co-Chairs, 2022-2023


“Terri is a strong supporter of teachers. She has dedicated her own time to calling for fully funding our teachers and schools. Moreover, she’s a union member; she knows how important unions are to bringing representation and fair wages to workers. Educational staff, and all Massachusetts workers, will have a friend in the legislature if Terri Tauro is elected State Representative.”

-Beth Kontos, President of AFT-Mass


“Terri will be a strong advocate for nurses and healthcare professionals on Beacon Hill,”,

-Katie Murphy, RN and President of the MNA.

 “Terri is a proven leader. As President of IUE-CWA local 81776 she has shown herself to be an effective leader and advocate who can get things done for her members. She will bring that same dedication and enthusiasm to her work at the State House for her district”

-Chris Brennan, President of the North Shore Building Trades Council.


Community Endorsements

"Terri has helped so many people! Being an employee for the Town of Marblehead has been challenging lately. Available 24/7, she gives support to everyone even if it is just to listen to a rant after a bad day. I have recently faced some family illness and she regularly checks in on me. I am so excited to see her take this selfless attitude and unparalleled work ethic to the state house."


"Terri has been called by some  a “bulldog” when it comes to righting injustice—and from my personal experience of her dogged determination, I couldn’t agree more. Several years ago, during a long period of severe understaffing, I was tasked with work considerably above my pay grade. When the situation was brought to Terri’s attention, she, as President of the Marblehead Municipal Employees Union, immediately sprung into action. In short order, she amassed all the necessary supporting documentation and began conversations with the main players. Despite numerous roadblocks, she won many months of back pay on my behalf. I have absolutely no doubt that, as your State Representative, Terri will be a tenacious advocate for fair play. She fights to win!"


"I had an injury late in my career with the town of Marblehead. Being close to retirement, I was naturally concerned about my future. Terri never left my side. My wife would call with questions, concerns or just outright frustration but Terri never wavered. She stayed the course, kept my confidence, and I am now happily retired with my pension. We are both voting for her wholeheartedly! You will not find a better person for the job of State Representative."


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